FEATURES (ABS Wheelie Bar)

Unlock Your Inner Stunt Rider with the ABS Wheelie Bar - Your Ultimate Wheelie Trainer!

Do you dream of mastering the thrilling art of motorcycle wheelies but find yourself overwhelmed by the fear of accidents? You're not alone.
Wheelies demand precise timing, a delicate touch on the throttle, deft operation of the rear brake, and impeccable body coordination.
For beginners, this can seem like an insurmountable challenge, leading to accidents, motorcycle damage, and even personal injuries.

Why Choose the ABS Wheelie Bar?

1. Fear-Free Riding: Fear is a natural obstacle when it comes to learning wheelies. With the ABS Wheelie Bar, that fear becomes a thing of the past. Say goodbye to the dread of flipping your bike, and embrace the excitement of mastering this exhilarating skill.

2. Safety First: Your safety is our priority. The ABS Wheelie Bar acts as your safety net, instantly engaging the rear brake to keep you in control during those thrilling wheelie attempts. But here's the magic: Since the ABS Wheelie Bar prevents backflips using only brake control, the bike rides in a stable wheelie mode without shaking the left or right balance, even when the ABS Wheelie Bar operates the brakes. Learn with peace of mind, knowing you're protected and that your wheelies will be as smooth as silk.

3. Rapid Skill Development: As a beginner, trying to coordinate throttle, rear brake, and body movements simultaneously can be daunting. The ABS Wheelie Bar allows you to focus on one thing at a time. Begin by perfecting your throttle control, and gradually introduce the rear brake at your own pace. With the ABS Wheelie Bar by your side, you'll progress faster than you ever imagined.

4. Lightweight and User-Friendly: Weighing in at a mere 5.5 pounds(2.5Kg), the ABS Wheelie Bar is the lightest and most user-friendly wheelie training tool in the world. It's effortless to attach, detach, and handle. Whether you're a novice or an experienced rider looking to hone your skills, this tool is for you.

Don't let fear hold you back any longer. Take your first step towards becoming a wheelie wizard with the ABS Wheelie Bar. It's the ultimate training companion, designed to make the seemingly complex task of wheelies a breeze.

Join the ranks of confident stunt riders who have embraced the ABS Wheelie Bar as their secret weapon. Say goodbye to accidents, damaged bikes, and fear-induced hesitation. Step up, twist that throttle, and elevate your motorcycle skills to new heights!

Compatible Motorcycles: The ABS Wheelie Bar is designed exclusively for the following dirt bikes and supermotos:

HUSQVARNA (Husaberg): TE TC TX FE FX FC SM 125~501, 701 Supermoto
HONDA: CRF 150~450
SUZUKI: DR-Z RM-Z 250~400
GASGAS: MC EX EC 125~450
SHERCO: SE SE-F 125~500 Factory
TM MX EN 125~450
Christini 450AWD
SSR:SR450S SR189
RIEJU: 300MR PRO/300MR Racing
LIEGE: 300MR Ranger

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