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SB MOTO's founder Cho Sung-bin is also a stunt bike rider with over 20 years of experience. He runs the Wheelie School, which teaches Wheelie skills to many riders in Korea with his long experience and excellent skills. Many riders want to master their Wheelie skills, but their inexperienced handling has often resulted in an accident that flips backwards, leading to serious injuries. So Cho Sung-bin made ABS Wheelie Bar through years of experience and testing for them.


The best motorcycle trainer machine, ABS Wheelie Bar, has been developed through numerous experiences and tests. The process was never easy.

How do I use the ABS wheelie bar

Check out how I use our ABS wheelie bars. I am a wheelie academy trainer in Korea. You can always communicate with me by subscribing to my YouTube channel.


How To Install ABS Wheelie Bar


Assembling our ABS wheelies is never difficult. Follow our YouTube video carefully and refer to our installation guide. Still having trouble assembling? Please feel free to contact us.



ABS Wheelie is a wheelie assist machine produced by Seongbin Jo, who runs the wheelie academy in South Korea. Thanks to all the advice of trainees, it is the world's most advanced motorcycle willy trainer machine.
  • Automatic brake system
  • Automatic brake system which prevents flipping over.
  • Easy to attach
  • Easy to attach and detach as it is clamped to the swing arm of the bike with 4 bolts.
  • Easily adjusting wire
  • Able to set motorcycle wheelie angle by easily adjusting wire.
  • Weght
  • Light aluminum body with steel powder coating (3.3 kg)
  • Compatible
  • Compatible with all dirt bikes and supermotos
  • HUSQVARNA (Husaberg): TE TC TX FE FX FC SM 125~501, 701 Supermoto
  • KTM: SX SX-F EXC TPI XC XC-W XC-F 125~505 , 690 SMC R , 640 LC4 Supermoto
  • HONDA: CRF 150~450 X F R RX RS RWE
  • KAWASAKI: KX KLX 140~450 R X
  • YAMAHA: YZ YZF WR TT-R 125~450 F X FX
  • SUZUKI: DR-Z RM-Z 250~400
  • GASGAS: MC EX EC 125~450
  • SHERCO: SE SE-F 125~500 Factory BATA: 125~500RR (2-STROKE 4-STROKE) TM MX EN 125~450
  • Christini 450AWD , SSR:SR450S SR189 , RIEJU: 300MR PRO/300MR Racing , LIEGE: 300MR Ranger , AJP: SPR250

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ABS Wheelie Bar

ABS Wheelie Bar (black color) - The Best Motorcycle Wheelie Trainer Machine

Doing the wheelie trick requires perfect timing of throttling and using the rear brake. Practicing the wheelie is difficult and it is easy to make mistakes which may end up overturning the bike. The ABS Wheelie Bar will pull the brake levers for you so you can safely practice the wheelie trick. -Patented-

ABSWHEELIEBAR can only be fitted on dirt bikes and supermotos.

  • #HUSQVARNA (Husaberg): TE TC TX FE FX FC SM 125~501, 701 Supermoto
  • #KTM: SX SX-F EXC TPI XC XC-W  XC-F 125~505 , 690 SMC R , 640 LC4 Supermoto
  • #HONDA: CRF 150~450 X F R RX RS RWE
  • #KAWASAKI: KX KLX 140~450 R X
  • #YAMAHA: YZ  YZF WR TT-R 125~450 F X FX
  • #SUZUKI: DR-Z RM-Z 250~400
  • #GASGAS: MC EX EC 125~450
  • #SHERCO: SE SE-F 125~500 Factory
  • #BATA:  125~500RR (2-STROKE 4-STROKE)
  • #TM MX EN 125~450
  • #Christini 450AWD
  • #SSR:SR450S SR189
  • #RIEJU: 300MR PRO/300MR Racing
  • #LIEGE: 300MR Ranger
  • #AJP: SPR250 

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