Unlock stunt skills with the ABS Wheelie Bar - Your ultimate trainer

Dream of mastering motorcycle wheelies but fear accidents? You're not alone. Wheelies require precise timing, throttle control, rear brake finesse, and body coordination. For beginners, it's daunting, leading to accidents, bike damage, and injuries.

Elevate Your Ride: Transform Fear into Skill with ABS Wheelie Bar

Master wheelies effortlessly with the ABS Wheelie Bar, your ideal training partner. Transform fear into confidence and prevent accidents and bike damage. Elevate your motorcycle skills confidently—step up and twist the throttle to join the ranks of stunt riders who trust the ABS Wheelie Bar.

SB Moto's

ABS Wheelie Bar is...

Wheelie assist machine produced by Seongbin Jo, who runs the wheelie academy in South Korea.

Thanks to all the advice of trainees, it is the world's most advanced motorcycle willy trainer machine.


Why Choose the ABS Wheelie Bar?

  • Fear-Free Riding

    Overcome the fear of wheelies with the ABS Wheelie Bar.

    Eliminate the worry of flipping and master this thrilling skill with confidence.

  • Safety First

    The ABS Wheelie Bar ensures your safety, acting as a safety net by engaging the rear brake to prevent backflips, allowing for stable, smooth wheelies without disturbing your balance.

    Learn wheelies with peace of mind, protected by precise brake control for a silk-smooth experience.

  • Rapid Skill Development

    The ABS Wheelie Bar simplifies learning for beginners by allowing you to focus on mastering one skill at a time—starting with throttle control and then introducing the rear brake at your pace.

    With its support, you'll advance quicker than expected.

  • Lightweight and User-Friendly

    Weighing in at a mere 5.5 pounds(2.5Kg), the ABS Wheelie Bar is the lightest and most user-friendly wheelie training tool in the world. It's effortless to attach, detach, and handle.

    Whether you're a novice or an experienced rider looking to hone your skills, this tool is for you.

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All dirt bikes and supermotos

HUSQVARNA (Husaberg) TE, TC, TX, FE, FX, FC, SM 125~501, 701 Supermoto
KTM SX, SX-F, EXC, TPI, XC, XC-W, XC-F 125~505, 690 SMC R, 640 LC4 Supermoto
HONDA CRF 150~450 X, F, R, RX, RS, RWE
YAMAHA YZ, YZF, WR, TT-R 125~450 F, X, FX
SUZUKI DR-Z, RM-Z 250~400
GASGAS MC, EX, EC 125~450
SHERCO SE, SE-F 125~500
TM MOTO MX, EN 125~450

How to install & Tips

How to install

Assembling our ABS wheelies is never difficult. Follow our YouTube video carefully and refer to our installation guide.

Still having trouble assembling? Please feel free to contact us.

  • Tip 1. Make Sure Tighten

    When connecting the link to the brake pedal, be sure to tighten it with a spanner.

    If it is tightened only by hand, it can be released by vibratio

  • Tip 2. Close To Pedal

    The front frame of the Wheeliebar is placed as close as possible to the pedal and mounted on the swing arm.

  • Tip 3. Ideal Length

    If you are using a Wheeliebar for the first time, a wire length of 80mm(3.15") is ideal. If it is longer, it can be dangerous.

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MSX ABS Wheelie Bar


Only HONDA Grom and MSX125 only

How to install

How to install

Assembling our MSX ABS Wheelie Bar is never difficult. Follow our YouTube video carefully and refer to our installation guide. Still having trouble assembling? Please feel free to contact us.

What people say about the Wheelie bar?


  • Epic epic product! Just used for first time and can’t stop grinning from ear to ear! In an hour of practicing I was wheelieing down the road in 4th gear. Literally was a novice wheelier before this. Could snap the front wheel up that was about it. In one hour I didn’t fall off once and was controlling the throttle and the wheelie by the end of it. I though this product must be too good to be true, but it wasn’t. Best purchase of anything for a long time! Good work guys

    Ricky M.
  • Hello everyone! ABSWheeliebar is a great help for me if I want to learn how to ride one wheel safely, it's a perfect choice, I bought it for a ktm exc450, I practice with it whenever I can and it helps a lot in getting up, it's worth buying.

    Tamás K.
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    Mastering the art of riding a motorcycle unicycleis unfairly labeled as “showing off” by many ignorant non-experts. Nevertheless, despite its simplicity, the “Wheelie” is one of the most impressive two-wheeled stunts - the impressive performance not only entertains the audience, the masterful balancing on the rear wheel also creates feelings of happiness.....

    -Author: Mag. (FH) Clemens Kopecky-

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