The Birth of ABS Wheelie Bar: By a Wheelie Skill Master and Metal Crafter

As the owner of a Wheelie Academy and founder of a metal processing company, he created the ABS Wheelie Bar to help riders learn wheelie skills safely. This device, developed through his expertise and years of testing, aims to prevent accidents caused by inexperience during wheelie practice.

The Story of Developing the ABS Wheelie Bar

Developing the current ABS Wheelie Bar 3 was by no means an easy feat. It took several years of numerous testing and development processes to bring it to fruition.

From the Beginning

We trained our wheelie students using a standard wheelie machine, similar to other wheelie schools.

Although it's a safe equipment for wheelie training, it's expensive, bulky, and heavy.

This required a large truck to transport it to the practice area, and significant time and effort for installation and dismantling.

Fisrt Wheelie Machine Was Developed

We designed a compact and foldable wheelie machine for dirt bikes, capable of all functions.

It simplified wheelie training and transportation. At just 55 pounds, it's lightweight, with easy installation by connecting wires to the bike's brake pedal.

It gained popularity among aspiring wheelie enthusiasts, was commercialized, and featured in a top Korean magazine.

Developed a More Efficient Wheelie Bar

In 2016, a dirt bike wheelie bar connected to the swingarm was developed for testing.

It proved to be highly efficient and durable. However, there were issues during installation and training.

When the front wheel was lifted and the wheelie bar hit the ground, the impact was transferred to the bike and rider, potentially causing imbalance and falls.

Despite requests for production from viewers of my YouTube channel, I refrained due to safety concerns.