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SB MOTO is a metal processing company located in South Korea. SB MOTO's founder and CEO Cho Sung-bin is also a stunt bike rider with over 20 years of experience. Cho Seong-bin runs the Wheelie School, which teaches Wheelie skills to many riders in South Korea with his long experience and excellent skills. Many riders want to master their Wheelie skills, but their inexperienced handling has often resulted in an accident that flips backwards, leading to serious injuries. So Cho Sung-bin made ABS Wheelie Bar through years of experience and testing for them.

Wheelie skills is key to learning how to use the rear brake.

However, inexperienced riders, while trying the wheelie skill, when the front wheel rises and the angle of the bike exceeds 90 degrees, they panic and try to jump off the bike and flip back.

Cho Sung-bin was very sorry about this while running the Wheelie School.

He first trained for trainees using a wheelie machine, but it is a very heavy and inconvenient device.

Cho Sung-bin developed an ABS Wheelie Bar that automatically controls the rear brake for inexperienced riders until they become accustomed to using the rear brakes so that they can practice simply and safely.

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